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Bracie is a Christian love story about faith, family, and friends.  It tells the story of the quest for true love and the uncertainty of the very thing that is being searched for.  

Bracie is surround with love by her family and friends, yet she is still lonely. She longs to have a relationship with a good man.  Her desire to fill that void leaves Bracie vulnerable to the one thing she has not learned to control-PASSION.  Through a computer error she reconnects with someone from her past.  He takes her on a secret whirlwind romance, until one night it all blows up in her face.  After struggling to put her life back on track Bracie's faith and quiet strength is put to the test when jealously and greed threatens her happiness. 

Tyler is very handsome and rich.  True love is something he doesn't think is possible until he meets Bracie.  She takes him back to the simple ways of life and that makes Tyler happiest of all. 

Tyler and Bracie has to make a decision.  Will their relationship be able to weather the storms of Hollywood?  Can true love really conquer all when two different life styles are forced to go public and contend with opposition from both sides?

Also on in ebook format.


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