BeNeveu Words, Inc. Publishing Company 


 A Cry For Home


Cherralyn is now beginning to understand the saying, "Never envy anyone else's journey until you have walked a mile in their shoes."  Bracie is gone and Cherralyn has been entrusted to fill the shoes Bracie seemed to have so effortlessly walked in.  After a few months of being at the helm of the Bracie Shaw Outreach Center, Cherralyn is faced with directing the lives of the youth in her community while fighting for the one thing she values most, her HOME.

Sorrow has brought Jasmine and Shayna together as friends.  They soon realize Jasmine is running away from the one thing Shayna desires most in this world, a place to call HOME.

Join the journey of six people as they discover, money can buy you a house, but only God can make it a HOME.

Also on in ebook format.


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