BeNeveu Words, Inc. Publishing Company

Botched But Beautiful

Sometimes our greatest source of healing is a pen, paper, and a willingness to write.  Poetry has always been known as untapped feelings that flow from the soul.  Each stanza is written to draw you, the reader, into the ups, downs, highs, lows, and the joys and sorrows of the writer.

Poetry is metamorphosis in ink.  Each poem is written so God's transformations allow us to see what is Botched But Beautiful.

Botched But Beautiful was written as a source of healing.  It was God's way of allowing years of hurt, low self esteem, and betrayal to be forgiven and turned into a testimony of deliverance.  It is my desire, that, as you read each poem you'll see the uniqueness God has instilled within you and that you will embrace the knowledge that you are perfectly and wonderfully made.

Also on in ebook format.


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